Introducing Qplay

Introducing Qplay

Welcome to the Qplay blog! It’s my pleasure to create the first entry in what I hope will be a rewarding on-going conversation with our Qplay customers.

In 1997, Jim Barton and I founded TiVo with the mission to put TV viewers in control of their viewing experience. The first time we were able to pause live TV was a magic moment when we realized we had created something that had the potential to change TV viewing for good. That was a thrill! Our customers, through their enthusiasm for our product, demanded change and established DVRs as an essential part of TV viewing.

Today we are in a very different world of video entertainment. The flexibility and open-ness of the Internet has the potential to dramatically change the entire video experience. This potential is what excited Jim and me to attack this new frontier. We want to create a consumer experience with Internet video that is so compelling and relevant to today’s modern audience that it has the potential to redefine video entertainment going forward. This is the “big idea” that convinced us to start a new company and recruit a team of exceptionally talented engineers who shared our vision.

We’ve worked hard since late 2012, and I’m proud to say that we have just released Qplay and made the system available starting today.

A key to our development approach is that we started from the ground up to understand what people really wanted, how much control they needed, and which capabilities they would value over today’s broadcast model. We understood that many people still wanted to watch TV and get great content. People wanted to create collections of videos and share them with their friends. People demanded the flexibility to watch video on the TV and mobile devices. We felt if we could address these basic needs, we could start to realize our vision.

We have created a unique system that consists of a mobile application, running on an iPad, a TV adapter that lets you stream video directly, and a cloud service that manages all of this in a tightly integrated way. The result is an experience which is new, unique and really cool!

Now we need your help. We want you to purchase and use Qplay, to enjoy it as a new entertainment experience and to give us feedback. We promise we’ll listen. During this year, we’ll be adding more content, especially movies and TV shows. We’ll enhance the user experience and add new features. We’ll give you capabilities to further personalize your Qplay, to enhance your ability to share with friends, and to benefit from their discovery of great content. We’ll even help you become your own Network, creating virtual TV channels on the fly. The possibilities are limitless!

I look forward, with your help, to creating the future of video entertainment.

Mike Ramsay


  1. The check-out only allows US addresses to be entered. How do I order a device to be delivered to Edinburgh, Scotland?

  2. Hello Mike,

    You said “A key to our development approach is that we started from the ground up to understand what people really wanted.” Agreed, fresh thinking doesn’t come from people who can’t let go of the past — or the prior status-quo.

    Case in point: when the first automobile was introduced it was referred to as a “horseless carriage” in the media. Journalists would myopically define the future mode of transportation from the perspective of their prior knowledge.

    In contrast, I sincerely hope that your innovation isn’t merely defined as the next chapter in TV program content consumption. Clearly, it’s potentially so much more than that. Moreover, in the prior video entertainment model, utilizing the web-centered internet experience often meant starting with a search engine request.

    I want to turn that model upside-down – where “finding” is the focal point. I’m not seeking an offering that competes based upon an ever increasing array of new highly-inflexible linear channels. I only need one dynamically aggregated channel – mine.

  3. Hi Mike. Just got my new qplay. android app coming?
    good luck with this.


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